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MIxtape Tuesday: Jeremih-Late Nights With Jeremih

7 Aug

Title: Late Nights With Jeremih

Presented By: DJ Pharris

Hosted By: DJ Drama

Features: Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, YG, Fabolous and E40

Best Tracks: Rosa Acosta (with the exception of that annoying skit,) Outta Control and 773 Love.


Comments: Jeremih sounds pretty good when he’s doing his best Dream impression, but his voice can get really annoying after awhile. The cameos make it worth the download though.

Overall Rating: 3/5



  • 1.Skit Intro (Jeremih)
  • 2.Rosa Acosta (Prod. The Futuristics)
  • 3.Fuck U All The Time Ft.Natasha Mosley (Prod. FKI)
  • 4.Outta Control Ft.Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz (Prod. KB)
  • 5.Ahh Shit Ft.Fabolous (Prod. Sak Pase)
  • 6.All Over Me Ft.Sir Michael Rocks (Prod. Prolyfic)
  • 7.Go To The Mo (Prod. The Fr3shmen)
  • 8.773 Love (Prod. Mike Will Made It)
  • 9.Keep it Moving Ft. Marcus Fench (Prod. Tha Audio Unit)
  • 10.Ladies Ft.Twista & AK (Prod. Tha Audio Unit)
  • 11.Late Nights (Interlude)
  • 12.Late Nights (Prod. Jeremih)
  • 13.Girls Go Wild (Prod. Mike Will Made It)
  • 14.Rated R (The Masterpiece) (Prod. The Futuristics)
  • 15.Feel The Bass (Prod. Soundz Tricky Stewart)
  • 16.Let Me Down Easy Ft.Marcus Fench)
  • 17.Knockin Ft. YG & E40 (Prod. Yonny)
  • 18.Letter To Fans Ft.Willie Taylor (Prod. Jeremih)

Download courtesy of DatPiff


Mixtape Tuesday: The Best of AZ

7 Aug

Title: The Best of AZ

Presented By: DJ Head Debiase

Hosted By: DJ Head Debiase (@DJHeadDebiase) and AZ (@QuietAZMoney)

Features: Nas, Ali Vegas, Half-A-Mil and Nature

Best Tracks: The classics of course… Life’s a Bitch, Sugar Hill and Affirmative Action

Comments: Certainly not the most thorough best of mixtape since it’s missing notable classics like Gimme Yours, The Format and The Hardest.

Overall Rating: 3.75/5



  • 1.AZ Speaks
  • 2.What Cha Day About (Feat. Ali Vegas)
  • 3.Life’s A Bitch (Feat. Nas)
  • 4.Quiet Money (Feat. Half-A-Mil)
  • 5.Sugar Hill
  • 6.Firm Fiasco
  • 7.The Payback
  • 8.Throw Ya Guns (Feat. Half-A-Mil)
  • 9.Sosa
  • 10.How Ya Livin’ (Feat. Nas)
  • 11.Affirmative Action
  • 12.Undeniable
  • 13.Love Is Love (Feat. Half-A-Mil & Nature)
  • 14.Phone Tap (Feat. Nas)
  • 15.Animal
  • 16.Exhibit AZ
  • 17.Street Life (Feat. Half-A-Mil & Begetz)
  • 18.The Flyest (Feat. Nas)
  • 19.Wanna Be There
  • 20.Royal Salute
  • 21.I’m Known
  • 22.Nothing Move
  • 23.Success
  • 24.The Essence (Feat. Nas)
  • 25.My Niggas