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Hit or Miss: GLC “The Anti Simp”

11 Aug

Title: The Anti Simp

Presented By: GLC

 Hosted By: N/A

 Features: N/A

 Best Tracks: You Quiet, Smokin and

Comments:  This dude FLOATED through 17 tracks! It’s consistent from start to finish! It’s chocked full of clever metaphors and Chi-town slick talk. This dude is beyond underrated. His flow is sick, beats are tight and he holds it down without any features. Good shit.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5  (HIT)



  • 1.You Quiet (Prod. by Dae Dae)
  • 2.Smokin (Prod. by Young Chop)
  • 3.Molly Do Prolly Do (Skit)
  • 4.I’m In It (Prod. by Dae Dae)
  • 5.Recognize Gz (Prod. by Cardo)
  • 6.Marshall Faulk (Prod. by DJ Fu)
  • 7.Pussy Preach (Prod. by Xcel)
  • 8.Whisper In The Summer’s Ear (Prod. By Brandun Deshay)
  • 9.Give Me The Reason (Prod. by SK)
  • 10.Bogus Set Up (Prod. by Dae Dae)
  • 11.Pagers (Prod. by Wild Beats Team)
  • 12.Lone Star (Prod. by Jon Connor)
  • 13.I Ain’t No Simp (Skit)
  • 14.Russian Roulette (Prod. by Click Clack)
  • 15.Stand Down Ism (Prod. By SK)
  • 16.My Attitude Is Gratitude (Prod. by Mr O)
  • 17.Simp Guy or Fly Guy (Skit)


Download courtesy of DatPiff